Prescriptive Qigong

Qigong and Chinese Herbal Formula Consulting

Chinese medicine is all about treating you, not what you have; i.e. — it treats the person with diabetes, not diabetes. Disease, illness, sudden, or chronic conditions are signs of pattern imbalances or disturbances caused by your life’s own reactions to some external or internal influence. This is called your disposition, how you tend to be, not just emotionally, either. The goal of both Qigong and the use of traditional Chinese herbs is to assist you (Body, Mind, and Spirit; Jing, Qi, and Shen) in making those necessary adjustments naturally, using resources you already possess. Call today for an appointment with Russell, and together create a personally customized program to help you restore, maximize, and maintain your health and vitality. You will receive a full assessment, consultation, specific Qigong instruction, and as needed, Chinese herbal formula that suit your disposition and goals.

First appointment $115
Follow on appointments: $65

Check our Practitioners page for contact information to schedule an appointment.

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