100 Hour Multi-Dimensional Yoga Anatomy & Therapeutics Teacher Training

Sara Tacy TangrediPart 1 – 50 Hour Multi-Dimensional Yoga Anatomy

Do you want an understanding of the body as it relates to yoga and health? The body is complex because we are complex. Our physical posture is a reflection of the psychological, biochemical, electrical, respiratory, and structural habits. Therefore we address the body as a multidimensional being from both the objective scientific perspective of anatomy and physiology, as well as the subjective experiential perspective of the soul.

This course journeys through:

  • The Language of Anatomy: planes of motion, directions, and positions.
  • Bones, Muscles, Fascia, Ligaments and Tendons: Learning specific names, actions, and how to approach them in yoga.
  • Joints: Different types and why joints affect individualized yoga practices.
  • The Nervous System as it relates to stress, relaxation, & yoga
  • The Nervous System as it relates to habits
  • The Respiratory System: Anatomy, Kinesiology, Physiology, and Psychosomatics of the respiratory system!
  • Chakras, Emotions, and the Endocrine System: how they are all related and how you might consider them during sequencing.
  • Muscular Imbalances: Common pairings and counterbalancing.
  • Emotional Anatomy: How posture shifts our emotions and chemistry (and visa versa)
  • Patanjali’s Sutras: Relating our current experience & ancient wisdom

We will use experiential mediums such as movement, palpation, art, journaling, pranayama, chanting, and awareness through internal scanning, as well as didactic models such as diagrams, manuals, skeletons, and videos.

Join me for an incredible journey into the body.  You will be able to approach the body like a studied jazz musician approaches music; with own her own rhythm, rules, and sequences to fit what’s optimal in that moment.

Bringing awareness to the ordinary inevitably exposes the extraordinary.

Multidimensional Yoga Anatomy 50-hour is an advanced training for yoga teachers. It pairs perfectly with Multidimensional Therapeutics to form a complete 100-hrs of training in Multidimensional Anatomy and Therapeutics.

It is recommended but not required to take this program in conjunction with 50-hr Multidimensional Therapeutics to complete a full 100-hrs of training.  When both courses are taken in conjunction the 5th weekend will be free.  During this time you will complete your practice teach, go through final integration, professional practices and graduation.

Sara Tacy TangrediPart 2 – 50 Hour Multi-Dimensional Therapeutics

Did you know 100 million adults in the US experience chronic pain? Be the go-to teacher with the therapeutic tools to help people unleash their potential of living a healthy, vibrant and inspired life. Increase your client list while changing lives.

This program is designed to help you acquire a deeper more fluid relationship with therapeutic work by studying both the objective, scientific aspects of the body, as well as exploring the subjective, experiential elements of the soul.  I consider this a multi-dimensional approach to transformational therapeutic work.

In the program you will learn specifics of:

  • Emotional anatomy
  • Alignment and adjustments
  • Neuromuscular holding patterns and how to reset them
  • Reflective listening

(See Tools of Gold video for details on the above!)

In Part two we will start by sharing “aha moments,” what has been working, and what questions you now have after applying your work over the last month.  We will dive deeper into each of the four main sections of therapeutic work by looking at more complex cases (neurologically, emotionally, structurally, and spiritually).  This section will include deeper hands-on adjustments, attention-based healing modalities, and a dynamic conversation on the business of increasing your private-yoga clientele.

It is recommended that you have some anatomy knowledge for part two as some of the adjustments and techniques assume a general understanding of muscle fiber direction.  

Multidimensional Yoga Therapeutics 50-hours is an advanced training for yoga teachers.  It pairs perfectly with Multidimensional Yoga Anatomy to form a complete 100-hrs of training in Multidimensional Anatomy and Therapeutics.  It is recommended but not required to take this program in conjunction with 50-hr Multidimensional Anatomy to complete a full 100-hrs of training. When both courses are taken in conjunction the 5th weekend will be free.

The fifth and final weekend will be for participants working toward their 100 hour certificate.  This weekend will have review, practice teach, professional practice, integration, and graduation!

50 Hour Multi-Dimensional Yoga Anatomy – Part 1

50-hr Multi-Dimensional Therapeutics – Part 2

100-hour Multi-Dimensional Anatomy and Therapeutics Teacher Training Final Weekend

Completion of the final weekend is required to obtain a 100-hour Advanced Teacher Training certificate, applicable towards your 500-hour certification. the final weekend to complete 100 Hours Multi-Dimensional Anatomy and Therapeutics.

$725 for 50 Hour Training
$1350 for 100 Hour Training

This 100 hour training can be applied toward 300/500 hour yoga teacher certification at Evolve Yoga + Wellness

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