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Explore foundations of Integrative and Functional Nutrition, an exciting field of nutrition that determines underlying causes for lifestyle imbalances while incorporating complementary approaches to wellness. The necessity for individualized nutrition, basic tenets of healthy eating, hidden sugars in foods, the relevance of gut health, and the importance of mindfulness exercises like yoga will be discussed in detail.  Healthy eating tips during the holidays, with a few delicious samples, will be provided.

Laura Farnsworth earned her Master of Science in Nutrition and Integrative Health from Maryland University of Integrative Health and currently practices as a clinical nutrition intern.

Cost is just $20. To register, click here.


Live south in the county and looking for yoga closer to home? Join Evolve Yoga Instructor Susan Grier, RYT-500 for Yoga for Strength and Flexibility.  Sign up for the 8 week session or drop in at your convenience.  Please check online schedule for updates.

This is a basic class to build strength, increase flexibility, and improve balance, appropriate for beginners as well as more experienced adult students. Each session will include gentle stretching, movements, and postures adapted to meet the needs of those present. Yoga calms the mind and nervous system, resulting in numerous benefits. It lowers heart rate and blood pressure, reduces tension and stress, improves focus and concentration, and provides a greater sense of well-being, energy, and peace.

This special class offered by Susan  Grier, RYT -500.

Class meets in the beautiful dance studio in Montgomery Hall.

Register through Evolve Yoga, under workshops.   $95 for 8 sessions or $13 drop-in fee.


Hello and Welcome to Let’s Talk Baby Childbirth Education class. This a modern take to childbirth Education.  In this class you will learn about,


Birth as a Normal Process • Mind-Body Connection • Anatomy & Physiology • How Fear Affects Labor • Anxiety Triggers • The Power of Hormones • Breathing for Birth • Relaxation Techniques • Choosing Your Birth Team • Vocalization in Birth • Optimal Fetal Positioning • Birth Preparation Exercises • Choosing Birth Preferences • Positions for Birth • Informed Choice in Birth •
Your Childbearing Rights • Comfort Measures • The Golden Hour(s) • Newborn Procedures •
Birth Recovery • Newborn Care • Breastfeeding • Benefits of Skin to Skin •
The Fourth Trimester • Interventions: Benefits & Risks

No matter what type of birth you are planning, this class covers everything that you and your partner need to know about giving birth! From the initial moments of wondering “Am I really in labor?!” to those first few days with your newborn.

~ In addition to hands-on learning opportunities, benefits include:

  • The opportunity to bond with other expectant couples
  • A chance for your partner to join in — and a way to connect with your birthing partner or labor coach
  •  Time for addressing your fears
  • Sharing your concerns with other mothers and the instructor
  • Confidence from knowledge and experience that can help you to have a more satisfying childbirth experience
  • A chance to talk the facility where you plan to give birth and answer questions you might have.

 Let’s talk baby in class education:

Total class time is 10 hours, 2 hours a week, for 5 weeks.    Class size is limited to 6 couples (12 people).  5 week session starting September 9.

$200.00 for mother and one support person. This person could be, husband, partner or Doula. Support is encouraged but not necessary.

~This class is designed to be open to all birth preferences. In this class we hope to offer a safe place free from judgement and criticism.   Our goal is for you the parents to leave feeling educated, supported and bonded.

Offered by Samantha Feldman:  Childbirth Educator, Doula and mother to eight. Her training has been completed through Birth Arts International as well as DONA. She also holds a BS. in Psychology. Samantha will be offering a Modern Childbirth Education Class. No matter what type of birth you are planning, this class covers everything that you and your partner need to know about giving birth. From birth as a normal process with educational recourses, to hands on practice, combined with full question and answer. You will leave her class with the confidence from knowledge and experience that can help you to have a more satisfying childbirth experience.

Samantha Feldman, 254-630-3216,

For more information or to register for this class call please contact Samantha Feldman at 254-630-3216 or


Sacral Flow – Belly Dance & Yoga, Sat., Sept. 30, 2:00 – 4:30

You’re invited to embody your inner wisdom, rhythm and flow with a delightful blend of yoga, bellydance, hip openers and deep relaxation with a focus on the sacral chakra. The sacral or second chakra is instrumental in our ability to flow with life circumstance and allow flexibility in our lives. It is associated with the [...]

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Root Down to Rise Up: Foundations of Yoga Workshop w/ Miriam Kindley, Oct. 1

The Ins and the Outs of Yoga Postures Do you have difficulty moving into and out of postures?  If so, join Evolve Yoga + Wellness and Miriam Kindley, E-RYT 500 on Sunday, October 1, 2017 from 1:00 to 3:30 p.m. for a fun and educational workshop! This workshop will focus on “the spaces in between” [...]

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Fall into Relaxation with Yoga & Pranassage, Oct. 15th from 2:45 to 4:45 p.m.

Help yourself “let go” with the gift of relaxation and peace! The restorative practice helps prepare the receiver for a deeper experience by engaging the parasympathetic nervous system, which governs the internal organs and digestive system and inhibits or slows high-energy function. By doing so, the body is already in state of relaxation and this [...]

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Ayurvedic Nutrition {feeding body,mind and soul}, Saturday, Oct. 21, 10:30 – 5:00 with Alana Greenberg

According to Ayurveda, food is medicine. The ancient teachings of Ayurveda are still relevant today and help us understand what to eat, how to eat, when to eat and why. Learn specific ways to stoke the agni (digestive fire), use spices as healing agents and combine foods in a way that promotes optimal digestion, absorption [...]

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Beyond Trauma: Diving deeper into the Nervous System to Access the Nectar of Healing, Sunday, Oct. 22 with Alana Greenberg

Through gentle yoga, breathing practices and guided meditations we will learn to soften and unfurl our tense holding patterns, offering the opportunity to gradually shift the narrative of trauma into self-compassion and a new capacity to trust. Throughout the day we will pay attention to moving skillfully, embodying somatic intelligence and cultivating greater presence through [...]

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Barre and Bowls with Hallie Stephenson- Saturday, Nov. 4th from 2 to 4 p.m.

No barre? No problem! Using the rope wall for guidance and support, experience a barre-inspired workout to strengthen and lengthen your muscles through the systematic utilization of isometric movements. This will be no barre class like you have seen before, so come with an open mind and be ready to have fun and play outside [...]

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MELT Performance Intro Workshop with Candy Carr, Nov. 5 from 12-2pm

Whether you are a fitness enthusiast, an athlete in training, or even recovering from a sports-related injury, MELT Performance is a missing piece that will transform your workouts. Learn techniques to use before a workout to improve athletic performance and increase range of motion, core strength, and joint stability. After a workout, discover how you [...]

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