POSTPONED until Fall 2018: Yoga Anatomy with Soul 50-Hour Training with Sarah Tacy Tangredi

Update: we have decided to postpone our 50-hour training with Sarah Tacy Tangredi until Fall 2018. Please stay tuned for details regarding dates and times. Thank you!
Why do you want to study anatomy? Do you want to create safe and supportive classes for your students? Perhaps you want to kick injury to the curb and promote longevity on and off your mat? You may want more ownership over the cues you’re giving (why, in what context and for what body)? You may be looking for inspiration and freedom in your practice through exploration of your own body?

Yoga Anatomy with Soul is a 50-hour advanced training for yoga teachers and serious students who are fascinated by the composition and deep intelligence of bodies. The material is accessible and relevant. We’ll explore our bones, muscles, fascia, joints, nervous system, chakras, emotional anatomy, and our breath. You’ll begin to experience and understand their relationship to one another, how they affect sequencing, safety, alignment, and transformational teaching.

You can expect experiential mediums such as yoga, palpation, art, journaling, pranayama, chanting, visual demos and internal scanning. We’ll also use scientific diagrams, apps, skeletons, and eye-opening videos. Every participant will receive a very thorough manual filled with relevant research-based information and workbook sections.

My wish for you is to have ownership over your wellbeing, body and practice. In doing so may you create space for your students to do the same.

The following topics support sequencing and alignment for multidimensional bodies:

  • Basics of Anatomical Language: planes of motion, directions, and positions*
  • Bones, Muscles, Fascia, Ligaments and Tendons: learning specific names and actions, then feeling them within asana
  • Muscular pairings: common imbalances, counterbalancing, sequencing, emotions
  • Joints: why yoga is so different in each body, ways to ease the load, create space and support
  • The Nervous System: as it relates to recovery and potent sequencing
  • The Nervous System: as it relates to muscular and mental habits
  • The Respiratory System: anatomy, physiology, and psychosomatics
  • Chakras, Hormones, and Emotions: emotional anatomy and sequencing
  • Patanjali’s Sutras: Relating our current experience & ancient wisdom

*I’ll provide stories, etymology, and experiences that will help the language to land.

About Sarah Tacy Tangredi:

I am a new mama, an evolving partner, a yoga educator and a devoted disciple of the intelligent body. I believe that yoga presents transformative opportunities by bringing awareness to subconscious mental and physical patterns through inquiry, observation, and play.

My intention is to interweave my 17 years of study in anatomy and physiology* to optimally align the body and its energy systems. I use depth-psychology and philosophy to unravel the symbolic and tangible experience of a yoga practice. Most importantly, I lean into the intelligence of each individual body and inner-teacher to create a practice that is true to honest individual growth.

Before moving to Maine and becoming a mama I lived in NY and ran yoga studio for private sessions. I served professional athletes, avid golfers, yoga teachers, people preparing for or recovering from surgery, and those who simply wanted to feel good. I have been teaching Multi-Dimensional Anatomy teacher trainings internationally since 2010. I thank each student who entrusted me on their incredible journey, especially those who were previously told they could not progress. You did and you taught me along the way. I thank every anatomy participant who asked questions, engaged in the process, and gave me some big ahas along the way. What a gift. Truly.

*Specific schools and studies in no specific order:
Amba and Don Stapleton PhD in the areas of transformational teaching, self-awakening yoga, pranassage, and the multi-dimensional being; the CHEK Institute for nutrition and healthy biomechanics; 3 years as head of research and development of BlueStreak Sports Training for an exquisite education on injury prevention, gait analysis, and the nervous system as it relates to proprioception, flexibility, speed, balance, performance and reflexes; Mitchel Bleier for adjustments, alignment and effective teaching; David Whyte and Carl Jung for symbolic life philosophy; Tom Myer’s work in fasciae tensegrity; Alexander Lowen Bioenergetics; Thomas Hanna on Somatics; Eric Franklin on the Pelvic Floor; Amy Cuddy and Candace Pert on the emotional body; Liz Kotch on the psoas; the International College of Healing Arts and the study of Energy Kinesiology; the physical therapists, doctors, and chiropractors I hired to teach me; Goddard College and my MA work in Consciousness Studies with a focus on anatomy, physiology, psychology, and spirituality; and the Amrit Institute for Yoga Nidra.

This training will be held on the beautiful riverside campus of St. Mary’s College of Maryland.

Cost Breakdown:

  • Tuition only $850;
  • Tuition, room and 3 healthy meals daily: $1450 ($600 for room & meals + $850 for tuition);
  • Meals only: $300

Save $50 and register by June 1.

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